Saturday, February 20, 2010

J.Cole Freestyle

J.Cole put this up on his twitter a couple days ago. I liked it. Rest is history.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Untitled rough draft

I'm causious to tell people I perform rap
bc I feel like its more than that.
I feel like its past color
I feel like its more than black
I feel like my form is above the norm
So I'm better raisin the bar
Im used to being that bad little nigga raisin hell n the yard
Its hard for me to spit about a topic that is specific
Bc my thoughts are deeper than the deepest rifts n the pacific
You know its a gift
It hits me much harder than its hitting you
Slim Narrow window of opportunity I see its fitting thru
Hip hop has lost its variety
Not in its entirety
Its dying b
Fans is laughing like a riot
Auto tune is crack every artist has tried it
Hip hop is the home I used to abide in
Now supposedly everybody bringin change
Don't care if your with Biden
Money is what's drivin
Talent in the trunk and marketability in the passenger
Real hip hop beggin for coins while the 400,000 Bentley passes ya
Conductors at the reigns couldn't see the progress that was laid
So the direction was blinded due to the fact that the pavement wasn't paved
So in Reality all the guns n money is irrelavent
There is a story about what's wrong with hip hop today and these rappers are telling it
Fab said he cellabate and I don't give a fuck either
Hip hop is an empire
But how is Rome supposed to progress with no ceasar
No leader
Media takeouts exploit us n flaunts us
Rap is under construction
The Renaissance is upon us

Freestyle Futbol

I had seen this guy juggling a soccer ball on a commercial awhile back and one of my white boys said thats Freestyle Football, they get serious. So you know i had to check it out for myself and come to find out they do get serious and not to mention they go HARD.

Rihanna: Rude Boy (Video)

Song doesn't say much. Video speaks Volumes.

Back when he was just the Fresh Prince...

Before the red carpet, before the muscle gain and before the millionaire paydays he was just Will. He wasn't a father or a husband, he was just a kid from West Philly going with the flow. The Fresh Prince is what every kid wanted to be and what every girl wanted to be with. The fly funny ladies man had America crackin' up since the show came into syndication May 1990. The one show from the 90's that crossed all age groups and demographic spectrums was "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air", and Will Smith was the main reason.


All the twitter trending topics that have come out about Lil Wayne since it was realized that he was going to jail are comical. On the other hand the fact that he will be serving the next year in Riker's Island Prison for gun possession isn't. At the end of the day Dwayne Carter is the best hip hop/rap artist we have #period. Pardon my twitter lingo, but facts are facts. The man lives breaths and eats music, in its entirety. From the seemingly thousands of mix tapes he floods the market with in the last couple of years to the multiplatinum albums he delivers with a cocky confidence, he just does it. You can speak of the "Syrup" and weed addictions, his numerous baby mothers and or his many tattoos, but whatever knock you have against him he probably has 1 million dollars to throw back at you. The Industry, his fans and haters are going to miss him over the duration of this next year and aren't going to realize it until they've played "Drop the World" for the 567 time. He is one of those people that come around once in a lifetime and if we sat back as a society and enjoyed instead of judging maybe he wouldn't be going.

BB pics

Where's Boy Wonder?
photo thanks to sydney

Monday, February 15, 2010

BB pics

Saw this on campus in Hickerson Hall.

Morgan Freeman and I.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Norman Rockwell : Painter

Norman Perceval Rockwell was born on February 3, 1894, in New York City. His portrayal of American lifestyle brought him fame and fortune and notoriety. Some consider him to be the greatest American artist ever and he has the artwork portfolio to back up the consideration. But to me heand his painting were a guaranteed laugh at the breakfast table, when everything else around me was changing and everyone was inconsistent his painting could be counted on. They were always there depicting something I could relate to, whether it was "The runaway", a piece displaying a little boy with his hobo stick discussing his options with a police officer, or "No Swimming" which showed 3 boys running naked after being caught swimming in a lake they had no buisness in. Either way Mr. Rockwell and his paintings have always brought me smiles n laughter, I hope they have that effect on you as well.

"No Swimming"

"The Weigh-In"

"Before The Shot"